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Access Gateway 5.0 on the way

October 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

In Berlin I took a deeper look on CAG 5.0. I looks very smart, a complete new admin interface and user experience. Jay Tomlin from Citrix showed me the improvements and changes.

There will be no “Standard” and “Advanced” edition any more, like we know it from now. You can do lots more with only the appliance but without an Advanced Access Control server. The AAC server is still present and only runs on Windows 2008 R2, but not necessarily required.

The admin interface is browser based and runs with flash. All the net6 stuff is thrown overboard. The login page looks very nice, but at the moment the admin can’t do any customization, this will be possible later next year. There are improvements in the authentication progress and endpoint analysis.

The CAG VPX (virtual appliance) will run on XenServer and VMWare, probably on Hyper-V next year. In the future Citrix plans, to introduce the new GUI to all VPX products, like NetScaler/Access Gateway Enterprise.

CAG 5 will be available at the end of October, I can’t wait to implement it…

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