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Configuring an LACP bonded Interface with Cisco switches

June 7, 2010 1 comment

I found this interesting article on the QuorumSoft website:

Configuring an LACP bonded Interface with Cisco switches

The default bonding mode for Citrix XenServer 5.5 is 1, or active-backup (slb).  This mode only provides fault tolerance, since only one NIC in the bond is active at a time.  For more heavily utilized production systems, an active-active configuration is preferable.  The two bonding modes that provide full send/receive balancing across all NICs are 4 (802.3ad) and 6 (alb).  Mode 4 provides link aggregation according to the 802.3ad specification, and requires an etherchannel to be configured on the switch.
The following is an example of how to configure an LACP/802.3ad bond with XenServer 5.5 and a Cisco 3750 switch running IOS.

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Alike version 1.37 Released!

June 7, 2010 Leave a comment

QuorumSoft announced a new release of Alike. As QuorumSoft says,

this version represents a milestone in XenServer backups. Version 1.37 improves upon many of Alike’s existing abilities, boosts performance, and includes several exciting new features. Among its new features are:

  • VM Replication
  • Support for concurrent jobs
  • Self Healing Storage
  • Significant performance improvements

You can see all the latest features and benefits at the QuorumSoft website. As always, Alike Free includes all of these developments, and is available to download here.

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New XenServer, old snapshot problem…

June 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Citrix released XenServer 5.6, with a new Advanced Edition. This new release has some nice new features like role based administration, dynamic memory optimization and live memory snapshots and reverts. I was very excited about the snapshot functionality, I think a lot of you remember my post “XenServer 5.5 snapshots and storage consumption”. The problem with taking snapshots was that free space was not given free, after deleting a snapshot.
So, I thought this issue must be fixed with XenServer 5.6, but it is still present…
Read the old thread “Missing free space after making a snapshot and deleting that snapshot”, here you find the confirmation. So the problem still exists but the command to coalesce is different now. Read the CTX123400 article to find out how to do this with XenServer 5.6.
The command is now a xe command, so it’s easier to integrate it in a script and execute the script from a Windows machine with XenCenter installed
What a bummer, Citrix! I can’t understand why this issue is still annoying us…

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