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XenConvert 2.1 available (and XenConvert error…)

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Currently I’m in a new XenApp – Provisioning Services project and wanted to convert my master XenApp VM to a PVS vDisk. I started the CitrixTool.NET cloning tool and after the configuration was made, XenConvert started to convert the disk. But I got an error message that the discovery of the vDisk failed.

I looked around and found out, that there is a new version of XenConvert (2.1).

Citrix® XenConvert™ is both a physical-to-virtual (P2V) and virtual-to-virtual (V2V) conversion tool.

XenConvert 2.1 can now convert and resize multiple volumes from a physical machine to all destinations: VHD, OVF Package, XenServer, or Provisioning Services vDisk. For more information, please refer to the document XenConvert 2.1 Guide.

As a P2V tool, XenConvert can convert a server or desktop workload from an online physical machine running Windows to a XenServer virtual machine or Provisioning Services vDisk.

As a V2V tool, XenConvert can convert a server or desktop workload from an offline virtual machine or disk, containing any guest operating system including Windows and Linux, to a XenServer VM. Formats of an offline virtual machine or disk include VHD, OVF, VMDK, and XVA.

This new version isn’t integrated in PVS device target software, so you have to uninstall the device target software and the old XenConvert 2.0.3 version and install the XenConvert 2.1 software. After that you can install the PVS device target app on the XenApp master.

So far so good, but the error still appeared. To solve this problem I did the following:

On the device target (XenApp master) I started DISKPART and enabled the automount feature.


After a reboot XenConvert discovered the volume and was able to convert my local disk to a PVS vDisk.

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